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Sangbad Bichitra, a fortnightly Bengali Newspaper, published by Cultural Association of Bengal, brings local community news and from Indian Sub-continent to Bengalis all over the world. Here below are some of the features of the current issue. Click to view the full newsletter.

October 2019 Issue (some of the contents)

  • CAB tenders Sharodiya Greetings to all
  • NABC2020 at Las Vegas. For discounted registration please register online by 31 October
  • More overseas artists contracted for NABC2020
  • Durga Puja celebrated with joyful events in Bengal and North America
  • Durga Puja Idol and Pandal details of Kolkata and district towns
  • Chinese President visits India on 11 October. Meets Modi at Mamallapuram
  • Sk. Hashina visits India and participates in Ramakrishna Mission Durga Puja at Delhi
  • Amit Shah visits Kolkata on 01 October to strengthen BJP in Bengal
  • Mamata makes sudden visit to Delhi to meet Prime Minister and Home Minister
  • CBI case of Rajiv Kumar goes under exile
  • Historic Tala Bridge of Kolkata should be demolished - experts opine
  • CBI interrogates Mukul and Mathew in Narada scandal case
  • Beche thako Vidyasagar - Sekhar Bhowmick
  • Tarpan - Debanjan Chakraborty

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