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Who we are

Cultural Association of Bengal (CAB) was formed way back in 1971 by a few Bengali enthusiasts migrated to America. In course of time, the organization grew and spread its activities all over North America. CAB celebrated its Golden Jubilee in the year 2020...more

Our Objectives

Our key objectives have been to promote Bengali Culture, tradition, heritage, education, art, music, choreography through various programs and cross country exchange of knowledge and expertise...more


North American Bengali Conference, known as NABC, has created a unique place in the mind of Bengali practising people all over the globe. Embodying the dynamism and fervent vision of the first generation Bengalis migrated to USA, NABC has established as a media to cross country exchange of Bengali Culture...more

NABC Partnering Organizations

CAB has the proud privilege to have partnership of the organizations from different parts of North America for hosting North American Bengali Conference, every year, since 1981. Organizations from North America can apply for hosting NABC (Banga Sammelan) having some given criteria. Click for details

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