NABC Partner Organizations

Eligibility Criteria For Hosting NABC (Bangla Sammelan)

  • Membership Organization supported by Community members with elected leadership
  • Sister Organization of CAB
  • Experience with organizing NABC and members from the organization volunteering for NABC events
  • Members of Organization financially contributing to NABC events
  • CAB membership
  • Capability to raise $ 1.2 Million or more

Click to view/download the Application Form for applying for hosting NABC (Banga Sammelan) .
Once you have downloaded the form and filled in, send it to Milan Awon<> and Chitta Saha<>

You can also send your request online by submitting the interactive form below.

Application Form for hosting NABC (Banga Sammelan)

(Keep it blank if no previous experience)

CAB has the proud privilege to have partnership of various organizations from different part of North America, for hosting North American Bengali Conference (NABC), every year since 1981. Without their active support, CAB would have not been able to host such mega event every year for such long period. Here-below are the NABC Partner Organizations.

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